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  Our current research is focused on DNA chemistry.

Group Members

Assistant Professor    Makiko Tanaka
M2    Mayu Esumi  
M2    Shunsuke Sakurai  
M1    Yuuki Taketomi  
B4     Hikari Kinoshita  
B4     Yuuki Yamaguchi  


  Our group examined DNA-mediated electron transfer (ET) and guanine damages caused by DNA ET in crowded environments by using modified oligonucleotides and various molecular crowders. Environmental changes caused by crowders affected the DNA structures, DNA ET properties and the efficiency of the guanine damage induced by ET. The new insights about DNA ET in the crowded environment suggest the possibility that DNA-mediated ET in vivo works more effectively and diversely than expected so far.

Recent research topics

Contact Address

Makiko Tanaka
Graduate Department of Engineering Science,
The University of Electro-Communications,
TEL: +81-42-443-5897
Email: makiko.tanaka[at]uec.ac.jp